Home Again!

Posted on August 2, 2010


Wow, that vacation went SOOO fast! I feel as if I just left and already I’m home again.

My poor truck just lost its low mileage thing as well. This trip was set for the trip odometer thing and I put over 1000 miles on the tripmeter! Thats ALMOST as many miles as emails were sitting waiting in my inbox when I came home! (1100+ emails).

Had a fabulous time. Coming home nearly gave me heart failure…a semi was trying to avoid a fresh killed doe and he swung over the double yellow lines into my lane. We were both doing near about 70 and headed straight for each other. The ditch looked more and more appealing with each passing second. Suddenly he whipped back over into his lane–THANK GOD! Although I have to say it would have been a quick death–head on at 70+ MPH with a semi? My BF and I probably would never have felt a thing…at least we didnt have to find out! LOL

I missed my dog, my daughter, my hubby and the rest of the clan (order of miss is your guess…LOL) so it was nice to be home with them.

But man was the trip a blast!

We went to Music on the Square up in Mountain View. Police showed up shortly after our arrival–nope, wasn’t us honest!

I have witnesses to our actions…LOL Seriously it was a medical emergency and the ambulance responded soon after.

While I was setting up my camping chair someone pinched my tushy! I jerked up and spun around to see a little old man schurrying off down the sidewalk…

Then while we were wandering around the square we came across a home-made Trike. It was AWESOME! Labelled the Joker, it had some amazing ground effects:

We also got to see the car that was General Pershing’s staff car during the Mexican war. THAT was AWESOME! We went fishing, ATVing, hiking swimming, and had a great deal of fun playing cards with my grandmother. Stay tuned for pictures to be shown soon!

The only negatives to the trip were we didnt get to horse back ride as planned…we had no running water in my place…oh! And the skunk that moved into the crawl space under the trailer. That was a lot of fun…NOT!

We saw a mink, a HUGE coyote, several dozen bats, several dozen deer, a coyote pup, a hawk, a couple of snakes and a few dozen fish. It was a BLAST!

Unfortunately we had no photos of the Mink or coyotes. But we did manage to grab a few of the deer.

I am going through the photos now to see about sharing them on here.

There are no images from Friday. We did a short night drive and went to bed. We had spent the day on the road, then did our cleaning and shopping for groceries. We ate out at Cody’s that first night too.

On saturday we rode down a gravel road and came across an interesting print. It s a paw print to be certain. There are no claw/nail indentions so there is some speculation as to what kind of animal left it behind. I know what our thinking is–hoiw about you? What do YOU see in this print? The image doesnt show clearly the size. It was as large as my hand and as deep as the first joint in my pinky finger. Yep THAT is a BIG animal!

Here is the images of the track:

What do YOU think it is?

I came home to find edits for Hunting Mickey waiting on me. Still no word on the Submisison of Death Rides A Pale HArley. Ah well, give it time, I’m sure it wont be long!

Gotta get back to work.I’ll see y’all again later! Huggles!

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