I’ll see you in…August?

Posted on July 21, 2010


I could ALMOST sing the title, but somehow substituting August for September was a…well, you try it and see how well it doesn’t work. HEHEHE
WOOHOO the time has finally come. I leave for my vacation in
41 hours, 53 minutes, 39 seconds
What? You’re not SURPRISED by the countdown, are you?

I won’t be on the computer for much longer as I have a ton of last-minute things to get finished before I load up and go.

It seems as if the entire universe is trying to prevent this vacation from being a GREAT one. First one of the ATVS–my favorite one, Big Red–gave up the ghost and we weren’t able to get it fixed before this trip. Then the two remaining ATVs coughed and spit, giving us fits to get them running and required some handy work…THANK YOU DADDY!

Finances fell through, showed up, had to be dipped into and fell through once again. My CD burner decided to eat the cds rather than burn them…One of my best buds who was supposed to join us called and cancelled. She’s found her bliss (WOOHOO YAY! I’m THRILLED she’s finally happy) but I am really really going to miss her.

Water service to my trailer was shut off and it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to get it turned back on and kept running for the 1 week we’re there. So that’s something I’ve got to mess with when I get down there.

My truck is having issues…my CB konked out…my cell phone isn’t working properly…my digital camera is on the fritz…some edits for Hunting Mickey just arrived…

All of these things, while unpleasant can be coped with.

Then I checked the forecast for the week we’re going to be gone. 5 days of 7 are predicted for storms–SEVERE storms. The 2 that aren’t? Friday when we drive down and Friday when we leave.

Seriously? WTH? Well, I’m heading to the local farm/sports store to pick up some stuff and I’m going to see about adding a couple of rain ponchos to the list. Take that universe trying to make me cancel my vacation! *cackles maniacally.*

I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of July and I’ll see you in August! Maybe when I get back I’ll have a new cover to share with you (for Hunting Mickey) and I’ll be shouting the news that I sold Death Rides a Pale Harley! Let’s hope!


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