Think I’d be satisfied

Posted on April 29, 2010


Honestly, you’d think I would be happy with the fact that I’ve just completed two rounds of edits on Cry Wolf, I submitted Death Rides a Pale Harley manuscript and the proposal for the rest of the series AND my alter ego Jinger Jackson finished her most recent horror novel and submitted it…ALL of this was done since March 1st.

Now lets just think about this a minute. That is writing almost 90K of new material as well as two rounds of edits in 58 days.

Pardon me but DAY”U”M that KICKED BUTT! No wonder I feel drained. But that’s not enough. Oh no, I’m not happy with just sitting back and waiting.

I love these manic writing phases. I get so much accomplished during these periods! I’m ready to dive into a new project just waiting for the muse to tell me which direction to go in. As soon as I know I’ll share with y’all!

I’ll chat with y’all again soon!