Posted on April 22, 2010


Light the corners of my mind…Misty water color memories–EEEK!!

Sometimes when we look back and remember things they aren’t QUITE the way we remember.

One of those memories of long ago had me scratching my head thinking maybe–just maybe I’d finally stepped over the edge. See when I was…well YOUNGER I remember the local rock station playing this interview with Jaws.

I swore I remembered it because I LOVED the thing. Most people I talked to said they never recalled any such thing. Maybe I was confusing it with the Saturday Night Live sketches of Jaws.

Then an old friend from High School added me to his Facebook friends list and THERE IT WAS! A VIDEO of the SONG I’ve been struggling to find! (THANK YOU TIM SELBE!!!!) I went straight to YouTube and did some checking only to find that the man who did this FAMOUS interview record has been around for AGES. Not only did he do “MR. JAWS” but Dickie Goodman has been making these kinds of recordings for decades.

So I thought, just for kicks, I’d go through and share some of the videos for his various songs beginning with the one I’ve searched for FOREVER!

This is “Mr. Jaws” by Dickie Goodman

HEHEHe ENJOY! and keep watching as I share some of my other retro tunes from Mr. Goodman.