Posted on April 10, 2010


Yesterday proved to be a very exciting day. It was my usual shopping day with mom and I was running errands with her before tackling the horror–err I mean joy known as grocery shopping.

She needed to stop by her bank and I decided to wait for her outside. While I was out there my eye was drawn to this INCREDIBLE Harley. I mean I notice motorcycles all the time but this one was just beautiful! Shiny black with flames detailed and then I noticed something more…

I moved in closer and the holographic image of a SKULL appeared painted on the gas tank. IT was SOO COLL because it was ALMOST EXACTLY how I imagined the details on my current hero’s motorcycle.
What I HADN’T imagined was the holographic effect of the detail work. The more you moved around the more or less the image was visible.

Needless to say I was in love with the bike. I had to know who the artistic genius was who created such a masterpiece. I have a name but not much more to go on. The name of the genius is Houdini and he works in Dupo Il. I’ve scoured the internet looking for leads and came up with nothing–so far. I’m not giving up. I know several people in the biking community I’m hoping one of them can point me in the right direction.

In the meantime I was so jazzed after seeing the bike that when I finally made it home I opened the file and began writing. I FINISHED THE BOOK LAST NIGHT! WOOHOO!! Now the rough, first draft is only 51569 words long, but I’m not worried about the fact I’m a little short on my goal word count. See, I know that in the read through/clean up phase I’ll be adding to/(or unfortunately, possibly) taking away from before it’s a complete manuscript ready to send on to the editor.

I was just so jazzed that I was able to finish the book! So excited, in fact, that the second book–which was already started–was ripped to shreds and restarted. Now there are two deeply rooted motivations in the story and being a series, all the books have a common, base line as well as their own plot. The twists that popped into my head were just…almost enough to make me dizzy. I had no idea one such twist was coming! Then BOOM! there it was! The last thing I expected to see happen, happened.

HEEHHE I’m such a tease! Well, I’ll be dropping more bread crumbs later on. Right now I’m happy to just whet your appetite…

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!