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Posted on March 29, 2010


just arrived in my email…Have to admit I was STOKED to see it!

Betraying Chase

Pretty terrific huh? I’ve got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed in hopes that I will end up with this award! It would totally make my year.

I spent most of the weekend in bed and to be honest? I’m about to head back. I think I’ve decided to try and get the flu–just for the fun of it. If it has an opening anywhere…it’s running like a seive. Every single joint from the little ones at the toes to the one that connects the “head bone to the neck bone” feels inflamed and achy. My legs can barely support me to walk–yeah no comments from the peanut farm…

Today I feel slightly more human than I have since Friday night. I came home from girls night completely exhausted and I vegetated slightly in front of the idiot box. Went to bed and by Saturday I couldn’t wake up. When I finally DID wake up it took me another hour to get hte strength to leave the bed. I made it as far as the sofa and another blanket which I enveloped myself with and didnt move. DH was a sweetie and grabbed some meds for me from the Walgreens. They helped some. I thought part of my malfunction was the weather. I always get bad headaches when the fronts change and storm systems move in.

Enough whining about my decreptitude (hey, that SHOULD be a word!) I also found an email from my editor regarding Cry Wolf. The cover art was attached! Nope, I’m not at liberty to share the cover YET! There’s a few things that need approval and such but as soon as it’s all ironed clad I’ll show it to y’all!

Well, think I’m going to to go. The email said edits would be arriving in the next two days and I have to get my strength up to sitting at the computer to do them.

See ya next time!

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