Posted on March 22, 2010


Guess what we did this weekend?

Umm yeah! DD went out and bought the fan edition of New Moon and yesterday we watched Twilight and immediately watched New Moon.

I don’t care what anyone says–sure Edward and Carlisle are handsome but come one JACOB is where it’s at! I mean native American–shape shifting and have you SEEN that upper body?!?!??! Of course my DD had to have her little say: “Geez Mom! That’s just a little GROSS, you’re OLD enough to be his MOM!” She doesn’t realize that although I am looking at Jacob my mind is running back to college and the boy I thought hung the moon.

He was full Cherokee Indian, with shoulder length black hair, copper hued skin, sculpted chest…just thinking about him heats my internal thermometer. For the sake of argument we’ll call him David. David was all that and a bag of chips. I swear he could’ve told me the sun was shining at midnight and I’d have believed him. When he told me I was the one he dreamed about I bought it hook line and sinker. Even thought David broke my heart into a million shattered pieces, when I think of Mr. Perfect he inevitably resembles David. Of course my fantasy Mr. Perfect has a real heart and would rather dance in a pit of rattle snakes than EVER, EVER break my heart.

But I digress–I’m firmly in the TEAM JACOB camp. Oh sure, Jacob may be too young for me but there’s always Sam…(or as my dd says Billy’s more my age…THANKS FOR THAT DD!)

How about you Twilight Saga fans? Which camp do you pitch YOUR tent in?


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