Posted on March 19, 2010


I swear it is inevitable. I’m engrossed in a totally AWESOME, KICK BUTT writing zone. Totally immersed, lost in a world that only exists in one place–my mind–when an insect suddenly buzzes by.

I write more, forcing myself to focus on the characters in this new world. The insect buzzing comes closer, grows more incessant, driving me near the brink of insanity with its constant nagging.

“I’m a new world. I’m shiny, oh so pretty, you are so done with that old news. Listen to me…” it calls in a soothing almost hypnotic voice.

I swat at the interloper trying to drive it away but it refuses to be ignored. Soon its hovering in front of my eyes, the voice droning on and on and on in my mind until I feel as if I’ll scream and lose my mind if it doesn’t go away.

In the meantime my world begins to fray at the edges, the seams stretch and pull, fragments break off and I’m unable to get lost as I’d been for days.

The new voice grows louder, stronger with every passing moment until at last it suffocates the other world I’ve found, the loving and nurturing I try to give isn’t strong enough to break through.

Ultimately I must stop what I’m doing and pay heed to the siren call of another land. Another group of characters, ones who aren’t at all what I want to channel at this point in time.

I finally gave up the battle and have decided to make notes of the annoying voice. These will file away for a later time. hopefully after I finish the current work. Yep…thats what I needed..make notes and it went away.

But this led to a BRILLIANT AHA moment! A moment of clarity. A moment of reconnection with my hero. I am about to fall head over heels in love with him myself!

It reopened the gates and I have learned a few secrets my hero has been keeping. He LOVES CREED! His favorite bands are an odd mixture: He digs Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Metallica, Korn, Children of Bodom, but his secret pleasure is listening to Creed and Nickleback. The Biggest AHA? His favorite song. This song is the perfect fit for how Smash feels about Tabi:

Hope you enjoy it! I’ve got to get back to work–YAY!
See y’all soon!