1k/Day Check in

Posted on March 19, 2010


As y’all know I started a new book this week. i decided to participate in this thing called 1K/Day. Basically you agree to write at least one thousand words a day/6 days a week. I have to alter this a bit to fit with my schedule so I made the personal goal of one thousand a day/4 days a week. I usually take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from writing.

Anyway, I’m proud–no THRILLED to say that my first week of the 1K/Day total is 15,018! YES! That is 15,018 words written since Monday! WOOHOOO!

I hope that I can keep up this pace but if the story keeps telling itself to me as it has been doing–despite the brief interruptions dealt with earlier today, I managed to squeak out 4,003 words!–I should have this book written in NO TIME FLAT!

Well, my hands are killing me, my shoulders ache and my back hurts so I should say goodbye until Monday!