Constantly learning

Posted on March 18, 2010


I’m constantly learning how to use this Internet thing to my advantage. I recently added an Amazon Author Page to my lsit of “credits” and with it I’m supposed to be able to access RSS Feed from up to four blogs to post on there. This is GREAT except for the fact I have NO CLUE what an RSS feed is. So I did some digging and discovered it is a widget I can put on this blog and before I could say Supercallifragilisticexpeallidocious (I can say better than I can spell, thanks!) I have the RSS feed thing up and running! WOOHOO!!!

Now if I were asked to explain what I did you’d get a drooling idiot sitting there going “duuuuuhhhh” but at least I have learned another venue to get my name out there!

I allowed it to distract me from what I really should be doing–working. Smash and Tabi are in a critical position that can either aid to push them closer together or rip them further apart. History is about to reveal itself and bring to life all sorts of ghosts she was certain had been exorcised many years ago.

For his part, Smash is dealing with a demon of his own…

Each book has it’s own sound track (I think I mention that everytime I write a new book) and this one is no different. It was hard searching through the files upion files upon files of music we have in our digital library. Because while Smash has some of my same likes, he is his own person. He is a Rob Zombie, Metallica, Megadeath, Children of Bodom, Korn, heavy metal kind of guy. Put him with a gal who is more into Grtetchen Wilson, Evenesence and Within Tempation and we have an interesting collection on the digital jukebox.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the heavier stuff. My son does but being as he lives in a different house it doesn’t help me. My DD has tried to help supplying me with some Rob, Disturbed, White Zombie, Good Charlotte, Nirvana, Lost Prophets, Linkin Park kind of stuff. It does help a bit but to drop from Living Dead Girl to You’re My Soul and my Heart’s Inspiration is a jarring change.

I have to say when I hit the zone I’m barely conscious of any outside noise anyway. Today I’ve written 1300 words in the last 4 hours and I’ve only been jerked out of it twice. Once by DD bringing in her Graduation Announcements and all the trimmings and a second time by DH screaming YEEHAW! When Lynyrd Skynyrd was on singing Sweet Home Alabama.

I guess this counts as three. I stopped because my friend Becka received a rejection on her latest book The Fall of Jericho. Personally I’m STUNNED as Becka’s not only a FABULOUS and TALENTED writer, the book is AWESOME but also because the rejecting publisher had recently sent out a call for historicals.

When this book is picked up this publisher will be kicking themselves in the ass for rejecting such a FABULOUS book! I know they will be when the ones I had rejected are released and start making huge sales!

Well I gotta get back to work. You dont leave a man like SMash waiting for long.

See ya soon!