Posted on March 16, 2010


I’m shocked and amazed that I am actually WRITING! It’s been so long and it seems that is one of those manic phases of writing for me. I only sat down yesterday and this idea just poured from me like water. It’s so strong on my mind that I even DREAMED about it–with a few variations: I was my (much) younger (and SINGLE) self living in Sparta Mississippi working at the Magnolia Cafe and Captain Bubba Skinner could NOT keep away from me…

But I digress. The story that I am currently writing, that is flowing from my mind and into the computer is part of a (projected) series. Yeah–see what happens when you say NEVER!!–called The Four Horsemen. the tagline for this series is “Armageddon’s got nothing on these boys—The Four Horsemen… HEHEHEHE

Smash has an ash gray-so-pale-its-almost-white 2006 Harley Davidson Road King Custom 2006. His pipes are straight chrome and there are scythes making up his handlebars with the front wheel set into the blade and his taillight is shaped like a tombstone —

His beginning is the bad guys end…(Pale horse—Death)

This project is (working??) titled The Four Horsemen: Death Rides a Pale Harley. The hero is a carbon copy for Vin Diesel the heroine is a shy, sweet souther girl with the smile of an angel and a deeply tortured past. Both are damaged and suffering in their own ways and searching for love, redemption and acceptance. I dont have a blurb written for this one. I am writing as the words draw me on and since they are flowing like they are I won’t be taking a great deal of time away from my writing until the words dry up.

The hero’s name is Simon Smazniski–his handle is Smash and his code name is Death. Heroine is Tabitha Myers.

I also have part of another book written–this one I DO have a blurb for:

The Four Horsemen: Hail the Conquering Hero

An old flame…a hidden truth…and justice for all…

Human traffickers have been smuggling young girls across the country and over the borders. The Horsemen have been called in on the job. Maddog is prepared for anything, or so he believed.

Shell Marshall didn’t know what to expect when a strange woman arrived with the promise of help for her vanished daughter. Her world nearly collapsed when Maddog Turner reappears in her life demanding the truth about her daughter…their daughter.

Now it’s up to Maddog and the Horsemen to shut down the traffickers and rescue the daughter he never knew existed before it’s too late…

Those of you familiar with the world of wrestling will recognize the name The Undertaker. Maddog could be The Undertaker’s twin except his hair is slightly darker and his eyes are a cold ice blue.

Ugh–gotta go. Smash is about to punch a hole in the wall wondering where I went to!

See y’all soon!