Another Fly By Post

Posted on February 28, 2010


I’m home for the weekend again–but I’ve spent the entire time in bed catching up on lost sleep. Getting ready to move back into Nanny’s house for the week.

Good news is she’s getting better! It’s a VERY slow process but she does seem to be healing and she’s returning to her old self–again slowly but surely. I can’t wait for her to be completely mended I hate seeing her in pain but I also look forward to getting back into my old routine.

DH was an absolute DOLL! He hooked me up with wireless Internet down at Nany’s then took my little Netbook and installed Word (rather than Microsoft Works) NOW I can do my work where ever I am! WOOHOO!!! I finally get to get back to writing! YAY!

Yesterday DH had to FRankenstein me a new computer. Seems there was something wrong with my old desk top–not sure how I managed it but somehow I set my old desk top on fire…

I plugged in a flash drive and it wasn’t working. The computer didn’t identify anything in that drive port. I struggled and fought trying to get it lined up and nothing worked. Then my mouse started acting wild and the entire room smelled like something burning/melting. When I shut off the computer the USB plug for the mouse and the tower were both hot and smoky.

He says he should be able to salvage my files from my old computer–PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE!!!! Because ALL my writing files, all my books, all my pictures, all music EVERYTHING is on that stupid machine. I was able to email myself several files before the blame thing completely wiped out on me so I do have some of my work in progress files.

Well guess I better take off…I have a little time to catnap before I have to load up and head off for the week.

OOO Yesterday before I had to shut down I managed to get my cover art sheet done for The Good, The Bad and The Undead completed! I created a couple of choices. When I send out March newsletter, I’ll share what I imagined for the cover.

All right! Off to take another nap!