Posted on January 4, 2010


Well the sadness I felt at the rejection I received on Dec 30th was far outweighed by my excitement at having found a contract offer for Hunting Mickey from Champagne Books in my inbox on Jan 2! WOOHOO

I’m thrilled, pleased and tickled magenta that Hunting Mickey is on the calendar to be released in October 2010! YEEHAW!

I’ve also decided that The good, the Bad and the Undead needed a bit of touch up. After having reread it, I still absolutely loving it so I’m going to send it off again. I hadn’t sent it to Champagne Books because its so far from what I normally write, I was a little concerned at how it would be received by the company that knows me best. however, I feel that it would make a great fit and so I’ve decided to give them a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll reject it, right?

All right here I go…getting ready for my first submission of 2010…wish me luck!