Posted on January 2, 2010


Well, 2009 officially ended on a sour note. I’d been waiting on word from Carina Press regarding a submission. Unfortunately I did finally get that word–No.

Yeah, it bummed me out, I won’t lie… I’ll even admit to shedding a tear or two but I have to say this much: Angela James pens the NICEST rejection letter! I’ve never had a rejection letter so pleasant before! I won’t go into details here because letters are personal things but I do want to thank her for making the bitter pill easier to swallow with the kindness laced in there.

I also sat down yesterday and read through this submission trying to see if there was room for improvement. Of course there was! If I were a perfect person–but we all know I’m not so…I made some corrections, added a little bit, took some away and then got to thinking about a whole new angle.

this new angle raised an issue for me–do I add this new material or do I keep the tale as is? I mean it’s an intriguing twist but after reading it I fell in love with Matt and Jez all over again…do I really want to try and add more to this?

I tried asking my CP for her opinion but unfortunately she hasn’t returned to her office yet. She’s still off on holiday so I decided not to make any decisions yet! I’m gonna sleep on it, let the idea simmer for a bit then see what my heart says.

One positive thing about it–I dont have to put rejection in my 2010 files! WOOHOO! Now, waiting to see if Champagne Books is going to take Hunting Mickey….Keep your fingers crossed that I sell that one? Thanks!

While you’re keeping positive vibes, good ones on DH’s interview are still needed. They will be taking a while to make decisions on new hires so we’re not sure how long it will be until we have the news.

Well, migrain has decided to try creeping back in so I’m off to take a pill or three and lay down.

Have a great rest of the weekend and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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