Home again, Home again

Posted on November 30, 2009


Before we left I learned the joys of being right.

I LOVE being right. And when I’m right, I tend to brag on it–constantly. What was I right about this time? Well my daughter in law is pregnant again. Since learning the news I’ve unwaveringly stated it’s going to be a boy. I…was…right…the ultrasound confirmed we are going to have a little boy!

As of right now the name selected is Sterling Gordan. My son had a friend who passed recently. This young man’s name was Sterling. My DH’s middle name is Gordan so…but personally I’m not fond of the Sterling part. I’m sure it will grow on me.

Ok so on to the trip…

I love going to Arkansas. Truly I do. The only thing I hate is the drive there and back. I’m still so very tired I can barely stand to sit here at the computer. In all honesty I’m tempted to just go back to bed.

I was able to spend the holiday with my parents, my brother, his wife and their two boys, my paternal grandparents, one of my cousins and her family. It was a wonderful time.

My cousin Clovis and his wife Bette and baby Josie were sorely missed. Also my cousin Hanson–he’s getting ready to be deployed overseas for several months–was unable to join us. My cousin Jeff, his wife Dani and their two children were also absent–they spent Thanksgiving with Dani’s family.

My aunt Robbie spent The day with her mother. Mike and Sharon Houston rounded out the family tables, and my uncle Roger’s mother Mauzee was feeling able to join us as well.

We had ham, turkey, green bean cassarole, sweet potatoes, all sorts of pies…man just remembering all the food we ate makes me feel a little queasy. I doubt I’ll be eating again for a while.

Thanksgiving day we were outside with the kids and my cousin Julia’s little boy Eli wanted to go inside. I walked in with him but couldn’t walk fast enough He said that he understood old people couldnt walk fast…LOL

I was hoping my friend Lesa would be around adn drop by to say hello but I figured she was busy with family. Yeah girl, I was thinking about you! We’ve got to hook up!

On Black Friday mom, my SIL Amy and myself went to Wal-Mart. We found a bunch of great deals but I only spent eleven dollars! I’m so proud of me! LOL

Came back through Mt. View, stopping at the square and mom bought my dad a swing for Christmas–yes I can say this because it isn’t a surprise. She gave it to him when we got back.

Spent a bit of time ATV riding. Also played Chess with my nephew Jared, Go Fish with Jared and Keegan then we all played Uno Moo. Fair warning: Uno Moo is addictive to children. I quickly HATED the game…

I played Chess with our champion Jared. He was easily removing my pieces–left me with just the king and I’m not ashamed to say the game ended in a stalemate! Yes, I can only play well against 6 year olds.

The drive home took forever because on the way home I had to make a mile run–the donkeys had escaped the pasture and I had to get them back in. Mom helped–she drove the van and opened the gate then stood blocking the road so they couldn’t run off past where they needed to be. I’m in sad, SAD shape, let me tell you! But the donkeys were finally wrangled into the pasture and we were able to make our way onward.

Now I’m trying to catch up on my emails and messages as well as laundry. Unfortunately my DD took sick while we were gone. She had to come home from school early due to illness.

Well, thats it for the update!

See ya soon!


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