Feeling Frazzled & Frantic

Posted on November 24, 2009


It’s almost Thanksgiving. I leave in the morning for Big Flat. I have done laundry but am I packed? Can you beleive it, I’m NOT! This is a woman who is always packed at least a week in advance of heading for her favorite place on the planet.

I’ve completed writing Hunting Mickey and am struggling to get it polished so that I can send it to my editor as soon as I get back from my trip.

Between computer sessions, I’ve done a few loads of wash and have had the kidlet schlep the clothes baskets upstairs for me but thats as far as I’ve gotten. DH is packed, DD has been working and trying to pack when she can…

We’re taking our guns and our ATVs for the trip. Target shooting, riding, it’s going to be a blast so long as the weather holds. DD is going to ride down with my mom. We’re taking the dog and he freaks out if he isn’t with me…plus I won’t have to beg for a smoke stop in my own truck! (LOL)

I guess I should crank up some David Bowie, grab the suitcases and get cracking!

I’ll be back sometime Sunday night and back in my office Monday morning.

…Perfect timing! The song that just popped up is Pressure by David Bowie and Queen…

Hopefully I’ll have some more good news when I get back! (Maybe a release date for Cry Wolf…more reviews on Noella’s Gift…a new idea or three for writing in 2010…maybe another contract….hehehehe)

See y’all in a week!