Waiting for a safe to fall

Posted on November 18, 2009


*Snaps open the umbrella and stands beneath* Yep, thats right, just waiting for the safe to drop from the 80th floor. Why? Glad you asked.

Life is suddenly going much better. No my husband still hasn’t found a job. We’ve decided to spend Thanksgiving in the hills with the family this year. Yeah, I know financially it’s a stupid move but you know what? I’m looking forward to it.

Then yesterday I received not one but 2 count them 1, 2 EXCELLENT reviews for my latest release Noella’s Gift. Both of the reviewers loved this little story. I was totally stoked. Here’s a snip of each:

The first, from LASR can be found here: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.com/2009/11/noellas-gift-by-donica-covey.html

(Thank you Fennel!)

4 out of 5 Books
There is a saying that the loneliest place to be is in the middle of a crowd. Well for many Christmas is not the joyful celebration of happy memories most people assume it is, and in Noella’s Gift we have both Holly Harper and Jaxon Cole, who, for reasons unexplained, would prefer to forget its existence…You can’t help but fall in love with Holly, Jax and Noella and I thoroughly enjoyed this short story.

Thanks so much!

And the second review comes from You Gotta Read reviews:
Martha E says this book is a GOTTA READ–Thank you Martha!

Here’s a little of what she had to say:
This is a charming story of Christmas magic breaking through the barriers of two hearts! It is a very short novella that can be read in one sitting…I hope you will read this and find the magic and joy yourself! I will look for longer stories from this author based upon the fine characters and plot presented in this short story…

The third (and final book) in my Gateway Guardians series, Hunting Mickey, has been flowing like water! Page 106 and still flowing away–YAY! After being blocked for so long it’s finally hit a groove HURRAY!

AND THEN, today I learned that the editor from Samhain has offered a contract on Cry Wolf! I’m so happy I haven’t stopped dancing in my seat! This morning I even messed around for a few minutes coming up with my vision for cover art. When I fill out the cover art form I like to attach a visual of what I see as the cover so the artist has something to reference. Of course each artist I have–Samhain, Champagne and Resplendence, the artists ROCK so my suggestions aren’t needed.

But anywho, I KNOW you want to see what I came up with so here goes:

So, which do you like? Just very curious to know.

Whoops, pardon me…
*peaks out from under the umbrella then steps back* nope, not yet!

Better get back to work, Mickey is still waiting to find Terese.
See ya soon!