Where’d THAT come from?

Posted on November 6, 2009


I don’t know what the deal with me is lately. My dreams have been…interesting to say the least.

In example: So I’m walking through this warehouse wearing my old EMT uniform. I’m walking with a coworker (which is odd because she was never one of my coworkers but here were both are working as EMTs.) I’m crabbing because I’ve locked my damn keys in my house so I had to walk to work and am going to have to walk home. But it won’t do me any good to walk home because I CAN’T GET IN!!!

I walk out of the warehouse and being waling home and I realize I’m walking toward the house we lived in while in Wisconsin! I cross the bridge and enter the subdivision only to discover the subdivision is now my SIL’s mobile home park. I enter her house to see her lying in a large recliner that looks like an adult version of my little Alyx’s car seat…I call my DH to tell him I locked myself out of the house and need him to come home and let me in. He says he’s busy and I need to go get DD from work to which I shout HOW THE FRICK CAN I DO THAT WHEN I’VE LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE HOUSE????

I step outside and find myself in our church parking lot. I walk around the side of my truck climb in, put the key in the ignition and suddenly the truck is not mine but my father’s Hemi-Diesel. I shout “DAMN” because the truck is a stick shift and I can’t drive a stick! (I’ve driven his truck three times—each time has been on an open deserted highway down in Arkansas.)

The truck begins rolling backward into a park car. I’m terrified it’s going to hit and I can’t get the brake to work. The passenger door is suddenly thrown open and this handsome man in dress blues jumps in. I call him by name Sgt…(I can’t remember it. As soon as I woke up it was gone.) “Need help?” he asks with a disarmingly GORGEOUS smile. He stops the truck, saving the day…and I wake up wondering where the heck this dream came from!

Why did I dream that jumble of information? I’m not sure. Usually I can pinpoint elements of my dream to things I’ve done/read/seen during the day. Not this time.

And that’s just one example. Hmmm…sexy man in uniform saving the day…

See ya later!