Special Thank Yous

Posted on November 2, 2009


My novella Noella’s Gift has released from Champagne Books (you can find it here for a special sale price of $1.40!) While usually new releases make me bounce off the wall in wild anticpation and excitement, this time I had a harder time working up the Tiggerness of it all.

As most of you know my family and I are having a pretty rough time. My husband lost his job back in May and so far the only interview went swimmingly but for whatever reason, they told him Friday ‘Thank you but no thank you’.

Then this morning I find a review from FAR on Betraying Chase. The 5 (out of 5) Angels helped cheer me some.

Betraying Chase is a page-turner. One can almost visualize the play of emotions that dance on their face. Brandy and Chase are spirited characters that boldly jump from the pages. Rivera is most definitely an evil, wicked man, and I would hate to cross his path. Donica Covey has penned an intriguing, action-packed story that engages the reader. She creates some scenes with Rivera that left a cold chill on this reader’s back. The writing is strong, spinning heart-pounding tension once Chase and Brandy begin having their encounters with the ongoing events. This grand story kept this reader totally immersed until the dramatic conclusion. Donica Covey really knows how to pen a motivating story that grabs and makes the reader care for the players. Love, trust, and holding tightly to the one that means more than anything to you, shines clearly in this story. http://fallenangelreviews.com/2009/October/lindal-betrayingchase.htm So thank you Linda for loving Betraying Chase! It’s thrilling to hear that you enjoyed my writing so much!

Then I found another email. This wonderful lady wrote me right before Betraying Chase came out and asked if when she’d be able to purchase her copy because she’d so thoroughly enjoyed Callye’s Justice. Chase’s story then came out in print so I immediately contacted her and to my thrilled surprise she hurried on and got a copy. This morning the email I received from her made the gloomy past several months light up tremendously. I asked for her permission to share her letter and she just agreed so here it is:

Donica……Oh My God……I have just finished “Betraying Chase”….You have the gift girl!!!
Both Callye’s Justice and Betraying Chase have been my most favorites books I have read!!
You have the knack of putting feelings into words….I felt Justice, Callye, Chase and Brandy’s love, pain and anger jump from those witten pages…..even after I turned the last page I felt them in my heart!
I am a lover of Romantic Suspense and in my opinion you have written two of the greatest novels!!!
Thank you and I hope you continue the Gateway Guardian Series!From the end of Betraying Chase it does look
as if another one will be coming !?
Have a great day!!!

Great DAY? Thanks to you Lora Allerellie, I’m having the best day I’ve had in months. It made my entire week…colored and brightened my month!

She’s absolutely correct–there is still one Gateway Guardians tale to be told, Hunting Mickey. I’ve been working on Mickey and Terese for quite sometime and am getting closer to the conclusion. It shouldn’t be long before I have it wrapped up and ready to send to my editor. My target is the end of the year.

ANYWAY–I just wanted to thank both LINDA (from FAR) and LORA for making the sun shine bit brighter than it has in months!

May you have a fabulous week and a wonderful month!