The Undead and Unusual

Posted on October 27, 2009


In recent years we’ve seen a shift in the way certain “creatures” are viewed. I mean think about it, it wasn’t so many years ago that vampires were objects of fear and disdain and yet here we are today with people who LOVE vampires. (Take me away Mick St. John!)

Werewolves were another creature that made your flesh crawl. Legends and tales of shapeshifting, blood hungry savage beings that ripped you apart for sport and feed. Yet many authors are making heroes of these same beings. (Yours truly being one of them!)

What is it about these creatures that have shifted our focus from fear to fascination? Morbid curiosity? Lure of the forbidden? Whatever it is I think vampires and weres are here to stay.

But there are a host of other otherworldly creatures to tap into. Witches and warlocks (LOTS of them–again including from yours truly), ghosts…the list is very long.

However there is one that I dont think ANYONE can write as a believeable hero. A creature that is truly unromantic in anyway, shape or form.

The Zombie. How can you make a Zombie a loveable, cheerable hero?
Zombies are, by definition undead, reanimated creatures that while they can carry out remembered actions of their life before, they have no mind of their own. And lets face it, a cannibalistic blood dripping mindless robot isn’t exactly sexy.

Can you have sympathy for a zombie? Can you want the zombie to win? Can you imagine yourself in a zombie’s embrace?

Ummm….yeah I can hear the resounding NO now!

Huh….Interestingly enough now that I’ve said all this I feel a sort of challenge has been issued. How to evoke sympathy for a zombie. Can it be done?


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