On the list for this weekend

Posted on October 26, 2009


Halloween is Saturday and I dont know about y’all but I’ve got some great plans. I’m spending the day/afternoon/evening/night watching horror flicks.

One of them on the list I just watched this past weekend. I’m thrilled to say it STILL has the ability to make me jump in spots. Craig T. Nelson and Jo Beth Williams were GREAT and who could forget sweet little Heather Rourke?

The movie of course is Poltergiest. Talk about a creepy flick! I’m so excited to be seeing it again. The sequels were okay but they weren’t anywhere as good as the original.

This one definitely gets three enthusiastic thumbs up!

I dare you to watch it and not get a little chill.

And what was with that clown doll?!?!?!? How could ANYONE give a doll like that to their kids? I hate that thing!

Have a great night. HUGZ

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