More Halloween fun

Posted on October 25, 2009


When this movie first came out, a) it was NOT the 80s (which technically should exclude it from my list) and b)Not an actual horror flick but I immediately fell in love with it. Actually it gave us girls all a kick because the witches were the Sanderson sisters. My Nanny and her two sisters were Sanderson sisters so if you think about, my mom and her three sisters are Sanderson sisters as well.

Anyway the move Hocus Pocus is a great Halloween not-too-scary-for-little-ones move.
(The quality of this video is lower than suckage but…)

Now I’m also a huge movie/trivia fan. While watching this movie the first coupld of times I thought O! How cute is Thackery Binx, (pre-cat mode of course)Well I watched the movie again last night and lo! and behold! I connected some dots I NEVER knew! Thackery Binx was racing across the screen and I went whoa! That looks like…Holy cow is that??? IT IS! Thackery is played by Sean Murray. Sean Murray is Tim McGee in NCIS! Am I the ONLY person on this planet who didnt know that?!?!?

So here is the cat spell scene and you can so see it:

I’ll get back to the 80s flicks tomorrow. But for today enjoy enjoy the Divine Miss M:


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