Last night

Posted on October 24, 2009


was my monthly girl’s night with my best friends Kara and Ronnie. I’m a little behind schedule and I rush to the bathroom to begin the intense, time consuming application of face process of the evening. (Cover Girl does NOT cover all the sags and wrinkles–it requires a nice mix of spackle and flesh tone paint now days.)

So, I step toward the bathroom and Speedbump–I mean Snuggles the cat–is sitting there watching me. She will not move. I backed up and motioned my arms, waving her to leave. What does she do? LAYS DOWN!

I proceed to try and step over her (NOT on her OVER her)…Have you ever seen the movie Pet Cemetary? THe scene where the cat is all whacked out, ears back, teeth bared, hissing like it’s gonna tear you up?

YEAH! THAT scene. Well thats what Speed….Snuggles, put me through.

She would NOT move. So I call for DH to come and rescue me from this demon possessed cat. Unfortunately, he’s answering nature’s call in the other bathroom.

My little Cairn terrier comes to my side, looks at me then turns on the cat–(to preotect myself from animal loving hate mail my, dog did NOT attack the cat. He merely barked at her. Have you ever seen the cartoons where Sylvester is sleeping and the little puppy comes in, barking, sending him–claws up–toward the ceiling? Yeah, that was not Speedbump. Although she did jump about three feet in the air and take off running for the safety of “her” bedroom.

If my little dog hadn’t been around, I’d have been stuck cornered by this demon in rabbit-like fur. I’m just grateful the cat doesn’t have claws. Not after the way she woke me up…but that’s a story for another day.

Stupid Speedbump. But you know what’s even worse? A…plus sized woman intimidated by a 15 pound declawed cat!

One of these days we’re either going to see eye to eye or I’ll see her in my crosshairs…

Speaking of Pet Cemetery…This was one of the utter, complete FREAKOUT movies I’ve ever seen. I was ALWAYS a HUGE Stephen King fan–(My alter-ego actually dreams of being a female version of the glorious Mr. King…) Anyway, njoy this trailer from the 1989 classic… PET CEMETERY (watch it with a dead cat you love!)

Hugz until next time!

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