Another Frightful Flick

Posted on October 24, 2009


When I was in high school my aunt lived in an apartment complex. Jo and I were VERY close. She was closest to my own age and we just had a ton of fun together.

One weekend she picked me up from school and I was to spend the weekend at her apartment. The complex had a laundry room–it was actually a stand alone building in the middle of the lot.

One night Jo asked me if I would please go and get her laundry and bring up to the apartment. No worries. It’s dark but it’s not late. I strut across the lot with the arrogance that comes from being a teenage girl who knows how to kick ass and take names.

I enter the laundry, set about collecting Jo’s wash when I look at one of the HUGE dryers. My imagination being what it is went slightly spastic on me.

In a movie I’d seen not too long before was a scene where the killer stalked the teens into a laundrymat (eerily similar to this one, I added to myself) and one of the bodies was stuffed in a big dryer (just like that one, my mental voice once more injected.)

Arrogance gave way to a chill that skittered up my spine. It was pretty dark…I was all alone…horrible things happen to those who are too arrogant and foolish enough to be alone. A moment later, I’m not clear what, but something made a noise that scared the pee right out of me.

I grabebd my aunt’s laundry and raced across the lot and back into her building as if the devil himself were on my trail.

The movie that chilled me to the core? My Bloody Valentine. (The original thank you very much. Not the current remake.) This stalker/slasher film was an excellent choice and I highly recommend it–just stay away from laundry mats…I’m just saying!


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