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Posted on October 21, 2009


At this time of year, everyone is on the same bike: horror movies.

 I thought I’d pick some movies that stuck with me over the years. See back in the 80s before I saw that real horror was every day life, I was a horror movie FREAK. The scarier, the gorier, the better. Every Stephen King title, I owned them. Every horror movie released, I’d seen them. There were some really great flicks from back then that I still enjoy watching today. Then of course there were the “Flower” award winners: real stinkers.

 Shall we begin?

 First up is one that completely failed to live up to it’s hype. When I was in high school my boy friend and bunch of our friends piled into the van and headed to the drive in…(for those unaware VAN in those days was a cool mode of conveyance with carpet on the floor, stereo sound system that would rock the ground, painted murals on the sides.) Oh and drive in was a place where crowds of people hung out, with monotone speakers that sat on your windows, sold concessions in a brick building and provided a play ground of swings, teeter totters and slides for between movie entertainment.)

 Anyway, we were all excited because we were going to see Friday the 13 (part 900: Jason In the Black Hole or something). But the movie we were all jazzed for was a BRAND NEW GORE FEST. The SCARIEST, most HORRIFYING film ever! Every one was given a barf bag when you went in.

 So the movie starts and we’re waiting…

 …and waiting…

 Me? I’m itching to get so freaked out I vomit…

 …and waiting….

 Suddenly, it was over.


 I was so disappointed I remember telling the boyfriend to demand out money back. Which of course he didn’t.

 The bomb, the most horrible waste of time I’ve ever suffered through?

 Basket Case.

 Every heard of it? No? You’re quite lucky. The premise had such promise:

Naïve Duane Bradley arrives in New York City carrying a basket containing his monstrous parasitic twin, Belial, who is so inhumanely malformed that the few people who know of his existence doubt he can even be considered a human. After their mother died giving birth to them, the conjoined twins’ father loathed the sight of them and referred to them simply as “the child and the monster”. Embittered by the death of his beloved wife, he turns to three doctors who are his last hope of separating the twins so that Duane can have a normal life and Belial will hopefully die. Surviving the operation, the twosome track down and murder the three doctors responsible for separating them.

Sounds impressive, right? I mean here is a murderer on a mission. He’s not some random slasher—yes, I know Jason was constantly revenging himself…still, he’s not really a focused sociopathic. He just loves to kill random people.

 Duane and Belial had a reason for doing what they were doing. They were close as any brothers could be and without so much as a by your leave, the dad decides to have them cut apart and hopes that freakish, non-human Belial will bite it.

After all these years, the movie still stuck with me–which is what most people want to happen. After all all creative types want our stories to live forever. I just hope that none of mine are remember for the stink bomb they left behind.

Of course they weren’t all flops in 80s. There were a few great ones. For the rest of the month make sure you check here and see what movies from the 80s I pick out to share.

Look forward to seeing you then!


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