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Posted on October 20, 2009


So I finished my vampire cowboy novel and am tweaking it so that I can submit it before the end of the month. While I was working I had brainstorms of titles fill my head.

So I thought I’d ask y’all what title you like!

I’ve created my very first poll and am interested in hearing what You have to say. Please read the blurb for the new book below and then vote on which title YOU think is best.

During the Battle for New Orleans on January 8 1815, Julian Mathieu Thibodaux’s life was changed forever. A British soldier came from nowhere and attacked him. Upon awakening, he found his senses grew sharp—as sharp as his teeth at his unnatural craving for blood.

The War Between the States destroyed Jezebelle Winston’s life. First, Union soldiers killed her brother and father, then her distraught mother took her own life, leaving a young Jez alone and at the mercy of a brothel owner named Audie Jenks. Now all Jez wants to do is escape the life of a prostitute.

Matt has spent the last fifty years trying to come to grips with the evil that possessed him that day on the battlefield. He’s lost the love of his life, his way and his hope. He doesn’t know how to save himself but that won’t stop him from helping a desperate, frightened woman escape the vile man that’s held her helpless for more than eleven years.

Now for the poll:

Which is the best title?

You’re opinion DOES matter so please let me know what you think!

See ya soon!

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