Love visiting with family

Posted on October 13, 2009


This past week I was in Arkansas visiting and I was looking at pictures of my cousin, the Jarhead.

He’s always been adorable–in fact we called him Hansome Hanson. (Yes, I’m sure if his Marine buddies are reading this he’s getting a terribly ribbing–what’s an older cousin for?)

Hanson is one of the many young men (and women) who dedicate their lives to protecting American way of life and I can’t tell you how proud it makes me.

He’s also enjoying touring the world and he sends home photographs of his adventures. One particular adventure my dad regaled me with was Hanson and his buddies had been in…Hawaii, I believe. They were more than thrilled to discover a pristine beach that they had all to themselves. The boys began swimming in the warm ocean, enjoying themselves immensly. They were shocked to find they had no company whatsoever. Why? The question barely registered as they swam and relaxed in the warm waters.

They were finally told that the beach was NOT for swimming–it was in fact a shark nursery. This was why they had no company. They were unintenionnally swimming with sharks!

Some of the other photos he shared he was enjoying exactly what I wantg to do someday–cage diving, actually intentionally swimming with sharks. There are several photos of a couple of sharks getting up close and personal with the boys.

Handsome is a heli pilot for the Marines. One of his jobs is moving cargo into the ships. Granny and Grandpa laughed as they told us how Hanson has always been an EXCELLENT pilot. NEVER any problems, no mistakes, steady hands, nerves of steel, etc. EXCEPT, that is, for ONE occasion.

He was moving in a load of eggs…Now we’re not just talking running down to your local grocer and grabbing a doze. We’re talking a PALLET of eggs–enough to feed a shipful of Marines…

So here he is, Mr. Cool, Mr. Calm, Mr. Steadyhands…well, not so much. He hovered in, moved a little closer than he should and SLIGHTLY bumped the side of the ship.

This slight bump succeeded in cracking ALL the eggs.

He received a GREAT DEAL of teasing over THAT little incident.

Now, I know I’ve embaressed him by publishing and I’d apologize but after all, I’m the MEAN oldest cousin.

I am SO very proud of you Hanson. You and all your friends. I also THANK YOU for being willing to be away from the family and protect us. Please pass on my thanks?

Since I have no idea what the rules regarding certain photos of Military personell are and since I haven’t really gotten Hanson to okay me posting pix of HIM I’ll share this one photgraph:

Swimming with Sharks

Doesn’t that look incredible! I’d LOVE to this one day. For now I just have to live vicariously.

Well, back to writing. This vampire won’t write himself…

Hugz til next time!


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