home at last!

Posted on October 12, 2009


I’m finally home after being gone for nearly two weeks. It’s fabulous to be back. I missed my family and my little dog Teddy too!

Came home to some fabu news! I received the final copy of Noella’s Gift, my November release AND I learned that Betraying Chase is NOW available in print! WOOHOOO!! For those of you who have been waiting to grab your printed copy, wait no longer! Head over to Champagne Books and grab yours today! Click here to go directly to the page: http://tinyurl.com/yjbo2sj

Had a very nice visit with family even if all the things we went to Arkansas to do weren’t able to get done–Dont you just LOVE red tape?!?!?!

Anyway…while we were away my dad took mother on a drive down to one of my favorite places and he brought back pix. I’m going to share them here–I’m sure my friend Ronnie won’t mind being in the one shot.

It’s amazing what a difference 3 months makes! The first picture was taken in July at the annual Girl’s week. The second one was taken this last weekend.

The pictures aren’t EXACTLY the same location but you can see they are only slightly different.

Hi Ronnie!


I was supposed to still be gone on my trip but ended it early. My DH has been unemployed since May and tomorrow morning he has a job interview. Please join in me in praying that it goes well and he is offered the job! I’m ready to actually sleep the night through and would love to be able to eat without stress induced issues!

Anyway, before I left on my trip Dh had assured me that it would be no problem if I was gone for three or even four weeks. But, if the job does come up, our DD will need a ride from school every single day–until she gets her license–and I knew it would be better if I were home.

Of course I really do wish I had remained behind.

Told my Granny before I left Sunday that for .02 cents I’d stay there anyway–but of course I have no sense…she merely chuckled and hugged me tight before telling me goodbye.

There were several new babies on the farm when I was down there. It’s always so wonderful to see those beautiful little faces with hhuge brown eyes and large flappy ears. I have one picture of a sweet little light chocolate colored calf that if he had spots I’d have sworn he was actually a fawn. As soon as I get the pictures uploaded I’ll share.

Of course there were other issues that made me just seethe with anger. I’m so tired of people being so stupid. honestly. Tell me, does it require an Ag degree to know that you cannot put 5 horses on an acre plot with no feed or water source?

I didnt think so! There are some absolutely BEAUTIFUL horses on a small plot and they have exactly that: no grazing, no feed, and no source of water. Batsards need to be beaten! I’m just mad I could spit–I’d love to hog tie the fool and leave him with no feed and water!

Sorry, there’s just nothing that makes me more angry than some ass who through pure stupidity causes suffering of any living thing but especially something as magnificent as a horse.

Then of course are the people who you just KNOW need to be on meds for their mental imbalances. People who swear that their Christian, good people and with the very next breath lie through their teeth–but thats a whole other tangent I wont get off on.

I think I’m going to wrap it up here. I do want to say thank you to everyone who has sent us such positive and supportive wishes during this time and ask that you continue to pray DH gets a job.