Hello from the road

Posted on October 1, 2009


Hello my Dalliers!

Well, here I sit in historic (and haunted) St. Charles Mo. Spending the week in hotels has been a wonderfully relaxing time for me…(with the exception of yesterday morning) but I’ll get into all that later.

The trip has been a great deal of fun. I haven’t done much writing, but I have enjoyed my time off.

Monday we drove to Jefferson City and checked into the Capitol Plaza hotel, one block from The Capitol building. The facilities were nice, the location was lovely. The prices were a little steep but these days that’s everywhere.

Tuesday I spent the day hanging out at the Barnes and Noble in Jeff City using their WiFi and enjoying a Blondie and a Pepsi.

I was seated at a corner table, I had a book on the side, my computer up and running and I asked a woman seated nearby to keep an eye on my things while I went to the counter for some refreshments.

When I returned I noticed she was eyeing the book and then she struck up a conversation with me. She was very sweet, interesting and amusing to chat with. Funny the people you meet when you read a book such as I was involved with.

The title? Signature Killers. It’s a book written by a detective who studies serial killers, their signatures and the things they leave behind. The main character discussed was Ted Bundy–since this detective worked with Ted Bundy to solve the Green River Killings.

We had dinner at Taco Bell then came back to the hotel to watch NCIS and NCIS LA before bed.

Wednesday morning i remained in the hotel to sleep in and load our baggage while mom finished her meetings. I was lying in bed half asleep when I heard “Boo”. It wasnt said in an extreme manner but more of a matter of fact tone. My instant reaction was my hubby trying to be funny. Until I remembered I wasn’t home. And I didnt know the voice.

I sat up and looked at a man standing beside my bed. I choked back a scream, darted my gaze ast the door where i ascertained the locks were still bolted in the way I had done before sleeping.

I reached for the phone to call the front desk and i looked over to find the man had vanished. It took nearly half an hour for my heart to stop racing, my hands to stop shaking, and my stomach to stop flopping.

Was I dreaming? Was there a ghost in my room? I’ll leave that up to you. I will say this: I have never seen this man before so dreaming about a stranger? it’s possible but why would I? Is there a ghost in the room? Maybe. Or maybe with the approach of my favorite holiday, reading the things I’ve been reading and watching the shows I enjoy is my mind working over time? Anything is possible.

We left the hotel yesterday morning and arrived in St. Charles yesterday afternoon. WE had a wonderful night. The amenities are terrific, the location is beautiful despite the lack of WiFi in the rooms.

Tonight, after meetings and a mixer a group of us are planning on taking a tour of haunted St. Charles. If the weather calms, the rains stop and it gets a bit warmer anyway. I’m not to keen on ghost chasing in the cold rainy night.

Well, thats all for today. I’ll be home in the next couple of days before heading off to Arkansas where there is no Internet connectivity at all for me.

Take care!



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