Thinking outside the box

Posted on September 24, 2009


Okay. I have to say this. I LOVE Rebecca Goings. She’s one of my best writing buds and is always there for me. I’ve been struggling against the blahs because I NEED to write but I’m just not having any luck focusing on the things I feel I should be.

Becka suggested my problem is I need to branch out. Think outside the box and get my juices going. Then we began discussing Harlequin and their new line. Historical Undone. These are shorts. They are published as Ebooks and they can be any time period. Plus, they mentioned being interested in paranormal.

Suddenly my mind is racing. A Vampire cowboy! How sexy is that? I know exactly what he looks like, I know his horse, I know his clothing I even know the exact date he was turned. Jan 8, 1815. It was in New Orleans. Actually at the BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS. his sire was a British soldier.

The time period of the story is 1876. He’s physically 84 but thanks to now being a vampire he is perpetually 21. The heroine is a tragic being herself. Her name is Jezebelle. She is not your typical leading lady but is actually a prostitute.

I can see him as clear as day in my mind. He’s six one, has shoulder length black hair, crystal blue eyes and a slight French/ New Orleans accent. He always wears black: jeans, shirt, hat, leather belt, gloves, and wears a pair of silver and black quartz sunglasses.

I can hear some of you now, sunglasses? In a western? Well yes actually. The Chinese developed sunglasses in the 12 century. However these early forms were thick and very hard to see through. Of course thanks to his vampiric blood my hero has a superhuman sense of vision, smell and hearing.

He also isn’t quite sure what is wrong with him. What he is. He just knows that he must avoid people as best he can, that he must drink blood to survive–he’s only tasted human blood twice–he prefers animal blood.

His name is Julian Mathieu Thibedaux. Yeah, kind of odd for a cowboy, right? He simply goes by Matt, when he has to go by anything at all. Being as he’s French descent the name fits.

This story developed in a live chat with Becka and has been just clicking away for me. I’m writing it and seeing where I end up, but if it fits the Historical Undonde guidelines, I may give them a shot and see what happens. What’s the worse that can happen? They’ll tell me no? Hey, I’ve been rejected by HQ before, I’ll live if it happens again.

BUT, first things first. I have to write it and see where it goes. The word count for a historical Undone is 15K. This story may end up longer than that. If it is, well so be it. I’ll find something else to do with it. But for now, I’m going to write it as it unfolds. I LOVE IT when the story writes itself.

I’m just so jazzed. THANK YOU BECKA!