Snake? SNAKE!

Posted on September 23, 2009


Okay folks I’m reaching out for some help here. My DH killed a snake on our driveway. I’m convinced its a baby milk snake. BUT I’d prefer the word of somone who might know their snakes…so please look at the pictures below and tell me what you think.

When he was describing it to me–before I went out to look myself, I thought he was describing a baby rattler. This is disconcerting on MANY levels. However, after looking it over, I know it isn’t–thank goodness!

All I can say is poor baby! I hate that DH killed it. I know it was an accident. He ran over it in the dark, didn’t find it until this morning.

We live in a suburb of St. Louis so please bear that in mind when looking at the pix to try and determine the species:
baby snake
baby again

So, you agree? It’s a baby milksnake? I mean, okay so the spots are a little dark–these are black where as others I’ve seen are a reddish or light brown. Otherwise—yep.

So tell me, what do YOU think it is?


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