New Cover!!!!!

Posted on September 21, 2009


Over the weekend I received the ARC for my next release, Noella’s Gift. This book releases in November so I have to sit down with the ARC and do an errata list…am I speaking Greek? LOL An ARC is an Advanced Reader’s Copy. I read through it line by line to find any errors and then I note those errors, send it back to the publisher and they make corrections before the book is released.

I was pretty excited about receiving the ARC and then came the BIG moment. The cover arrived.

Now Champagne is pretty awesome in that an author can send in what they envision for a cover and then the artists take it from there. Each time I have sent in a cover art suggestion the artist has paid attention and pleased me beyond words. Trish is the name of this AMAZING, TALENTED woman who is my cover artist. Each cover has been so perfect that I had no doubts Noella’s Gift would please me but I had no idea she would nail it so perfectly.

Okay, here is what I envisioned for the cover (as mentioned on my CADS:

A Victorian themed contemporary gold and mauve living room has a large picture window. In front of the picture window is a large but scraggly Christmas tree weighed down by lights and decorations—some are Western themed, some Victorian, Disney, Cows, etc. Beneath the tree there are no presents.

The picture window too is framed by tons of lights and decorations.
Outside a heavy snow is falling. Already the blanket has built up to the bumper on a sedan parked in front of the house.

Inside a man with short, dark blond hair, and gunmetal blue eyes sits on a well-stuffed mauve sofa. Seated next to him, at some distance, is a woman with shoulder length brown hair. It falls softly to her shoulders. Her blue eyes are bright and sparkling.

In front of them is a small girl about 6 years of age. She has long blond hair that is filled with curls and its still long enough that it touches her bottom. Her emerald green eyes seem to snap and her small jaw is set in frustration. She’s trying to get the man and woman not only closer to each other, but to the warmth of the holiday season as well.

Both adults are quite stubborn but are weakening in the child’s resolve.

The child must get them together. There’s no two ways about it. It has to be done. There is a sense of urgency charging the air.

When it came time to create a cover on my own this is what I had come up with:

My cover idea

Taking my CADS into account and reading the blurb for the book:

A disillusioned cop, and a bitter woman. Can a little girl take the bah humbug out of their holiday?

Holly Harper has hated Christmas for years. The season full of commercialism has left her feeling cold and bitter. When she finds a little girl freezing and alone a spark warms her heart. She’s determined to keep the child until Christmas is over.

Jaxon Cole is a police detective whose Christmas spirit left a long time ago. He knows the season brings an increase in drunk driving accidents and suicides. But when a dark haired woman shows up in his office with a little waif in tow he sees that there is some good in the holiday.

Will they find joy in the season or will their hearts be as cold as the winter winds?

THIS is what Trisha came up with:

Noella's Gift

Noella's Gift


And now that I can tear myself away long enough to stop staring I HAVE to get my errata list done.

See y’all soon!