Equality–it’s not what it once was…

Posted on September 16, 2009


When we are young, we learn that all men are created equal that no one person is better than anyone else. Laws are the same for everyone.

Yesterday on a school bus, two boys beat up another boy. The attackers were black and the victim was white. What motivated the attack? The white kid was sitting where the black kids didn’t want him. So they beat him up.

Bully or racism?

According to all witnesses, bully. Despite the fact the kid was white and was in a place where he “didn’t belong” it was seen for what it was, playground bullies picking on a weaker student.

However…earlier this year in a similar case, the roles was reverse.
Two white boys were the bullies and their target a black boy.

IN THIS CASE, communities cried out against the racism, the HATE CRIMEthat was committed. ACLU was screaming for justice on behalf of the victim.

Bully or racism?

The boys were just plain bullies and should have been punished as bullies but they faced serious charges because of their “hate crime”.

In this case, as in yesterday’s, race didn’t play a true role in the attack. It was because of the actions of cowardly bullies who had to pick on someone weaker to make themselves feel superior. SO why did it come down to being a HATE CRIME in one case and JUST BOYS in another?

I also heard of a case where a white boy was dating a black girl who lived in an all black neighborhood. He was beaten up, threatened, told to stick to his own kind but when the police wanted to treat this as a hate crime, they were howled down until the boy’s father stepped forward and demanded justice.

Had the case been reversed how quickly would we have seen the ACLU, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson screaming into the television sets?

Am I the only one who sees the double standards in our world?
How many people are going to claim I am only seeing it because I’m white and therefore I’m a racist—that there is NO double standard?

Equality=its there ALL the time not just when convenient for one side or the other! No one person is better than anyone else—isn’t that what we’re supposed to have learned by this enlightened age of the 21st century?

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