New member of the family

Posted on September 14, 2009


I’m not a happy camper. The things in our lives are in such upheavel and now we’ve added to the household.

Came home from spending the day at my mother’s, went to my daughter’s room to say goodnight when I noticed a pet carrier…and then a litter box.

Seems our daughter brought home a cat. I DESPISE cats. I have never liked cats–in addition to being allergic to them…yet months ago our daughter sat down with my dh and I. We had a long talk and they eventually got me to agree to let her have a nasty cat.

Things fell through and the cat never arrived (thank heavens!)Then Saturday my luck ran out. I was pretty irritated. DH had all day to let me know about the beast that invaded my home. He went to bed without saying a word.

I woke him up and demanded an explanation. His first reaction? “Who told you?” Umm OKAY! HOW long did he think the cat could exist in my house without my knowledge?

Honestly, if I hadnt gone into DD’s bedroom I wouldnt know. The stupid thing hasn’t come out from underneath DD’s bed in the time it’s been here.

I’ve tried to see it–under the cover of the bed. It hisses, growls and sounds like it wants to remove the skin from my face. Nasty cat.

DD showed me pictures of it, since I’ve not been able to see it. We found an image on the internet that resembles her. It’s name is Snuggles. It’s called a Ragdoll…It has a HUGE amount of hair…well here’s a picture of a cat that looks similar:

Ragdoll cat from Internet

Ragdoll cat from Internet

For a nasty useless creature I have to (grudgingly) admit it is a beautiful animal. The glimpses I’ve seen, she is quite pretty and seems so soft.

I’m never going to be a cat fan. The closest I ever came, my ex had a brown Siamese that would climb up my pants leg, curl on my chest and watch television with me. Sinbad was definitely a cool cat. I’ll even say (but sh! dont tell anyone!) My best friend’s cat cracks me up. I get a kick out of watching him act like he’s on crack–darting from room to room, leaping to the ceiling from a standing position–but that doesn’t mean I WANT a cat!

The more Snuggles hisses and growls at me, the more I dislike it. The original owners experienced health issues which led them to have to find a new home for the monster. I informed DD and DH that if it doesn’t warm up and become friendlier–at least allowing me to walk into the room without being growled and hissed at–it goes.

I’ve had to keep my dog near by so that it doesn’t add more stress to the invading feline. The cat was raised with dogs and a bird so I know they won’t have intolerence issues.

I know it’s going to take the beast time to acclimate to our home. At least I know it found the litter box–and it found the food and water dishes.

DD wanted a cat desperately and the nasty thing hasn’t even allowed her to pet it. I informed her and DH that I’m giving the cat three weeks to get used to us and sweeten up to DD or it’s gone. I’ll not have the creature in the house if it won’t even be friendly to the one person who wanted it.

My best friend is a cat person. She warned me that cats usually bond with the one person who is home all the time, up all the time, etc–which means I’ll be stuck with it hanging around me.

Cats seem to love me–I guess they know I despise them and they attempt to change my mind. My best friend’s cat Smokie is always coming around, climbing on me, trying to get me to pet him etc.

When we visit, my son’s cat Cyclose is constantly climbing onto my chest, head butting my chin and trying to get me to pet him. Then he curls on my chest and begins to purr.

Both cats cause my nose to itch, my chest to tighten, my face to burn and I end up eating Benedryl then escaping homeward. I gues I’m going to have to pack my bags and escpae to Arkansas for a few weeks…

Why couldn’t she have brought home a puppy instead…

If we manage to get photos of Snuggles, I’ll share them with you.