Been MIA

Posted on September 8, 2009


After completing the new book I submitted it to Samhain and am anxiously awaiting word. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an offer. That would be awesome!

I should be feeling wired and pumped after writing, polishign and submitting this book but I just can’t manage to whip up excitement. For the last…almost 2 weeks I’ve been struggling with some virus and over the last week I’ve felt increasingly worse. All I want to do is sleep–but it eludes me. My body aches, my head’s all stuffy and I just feel rotten. If I was running a temperature I’d be almost afraid of having that dreadful H1N1. Ah well…as the constipated cannibal once said, this too shall pass.

I’m also constantly watching the email for the cover to my November release, Noella’s Gift, to arrive. It seems like such a long way until November but I have news for you…when I submitted my latest work, Cry Wolf, I was told that it could take up to 16 weeks for a response. I checked the calendar. 16 weeks would put it at December 22nd…yep, that’s right…almost Christmas.

I couldn’t beleive it! Christmas is only 15 (now) weeks away.

This year’s Christmas is going to be our hardest one yet. Dh still hasn’t found a job–actually after almost 20 applications/resumes there hasn’t been a SINGLE call! I dont even know if we’re still going to have our home come Christmas much less have any gifts to share.

I keep trying to hold onto the whole, when God closes a door He opens a window mentality but it’s getting harder with each passing hour.

I apologize, I shouldn’t have complained. It could be worse…Well, maybe something wonderful will happen and we’ll end up moving to Arkansas! That would be so awesome! As long as we’d be living in Mountain Home that is…All of Arkansas is BEAUTIFUL but Mountain Home would put us a little less than an hour from where my parents will be living.

I should go. I’ve got to try and force myself to get something written before I decide to just head back to bed and call it a day.

May y’all be healthy, happy and wonderful!


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