Posted on August 27, 2009


The new book is finished–well the easy part anyway, writing the first draft, writing the synopsis (affectionately known as a sucknopsis) and the blurb (blurgh) as well as coming up with a logline.

The interesting thing was this single idea blossomed and bloomed into yet another series idea! I couldn’t beleive it. I was almost finished when one of the characters devlishly whispered “Check this out!” and told me what was going on! I was shocked, stunned and thrilled.

This book is about werewolves and while doing some research it was said that some lesser known myths included werewolves being avenging agents for god. This, along with a song I absolutely love whirled in my brain and suddenly the series was born.

It’s (tentatively) called Night of the Hunter and this book, (#1) Cry Wolf

Here is the long awaited blurb and tag line:

It’s better to have loved and lost…or is it?

Remington Aldrich is a Lycan, called upon to save the woman he’d desperately wanted for his mate fifteen years ago. She’d denied him for reasons he never understood, but that won’t stop him from coming to her rescue.

Two men abducted Angela Martin Johnson—one for his ghastly scientific experiments and the other for his driving need for revenge against all Lycan. She soon realizes she’s not the only one who needs to be saved. Remy’s gravely wounded and she’s the only one who can bring him back to life.

When a secret is revealed, will their love be strong enough to survive?

Sounds great, right? I’m so excited and pleased you just have no idea!

Three other books already grabbed me and I have made notes on them. I filed the notes for future reference because now that I am back in the swing of writing I have another project (or 2) that I want to complete.

Besides can’t write any of the others unless this first one sells, right?

So tell me, what do you think? Does the book sound amazing or what?

Gotta fly! Hugz