Still writing!

Posted on August 24, 2009


I’m pleased, excited and thrilled! I have come to the 18K word count mark! I’m just so happy I’m finally hitting the groove again!

I’ve found what really works for this manuscript–country music playing on a loop (Alabama, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams Sr, etc.) And to top it off–this cracks my DH and DD up–my new hat. I just got it in July and it fits PERFECTLY.

It’s woven raffia, tan with airbrushed accents on the edges of the brim. A woven lariate feeds through the brim and drops around my neck. A single etched copper quarter sized bitton adorns the front. I fell in love with the hat when we were in the feed store and I just had to have it. This is what it looks like–except for the leather band the one in the picture has. Its based on the Australian hat so it isn’t the typical Western style hat Here it is!

I’m sure it will soon join the other hats I own ( 3 Western, 20 baseball) but for now it sits on my desk waiting for my return to work.

I still have no blurb for Night of the Hunter…I dont even know if this will remain the title…but for now I’m not pushing anything but getting the actual writing done! As soon as I have a blrub ready to share I’ll be posting it!

In other writing news–I did FINALLY hear a heroine’s name for my Bayou book! The name is Solange. Isnt it beautiful? It’s romantic, it’s flowing, it’s exotic, its–PERFECT!

Well best get back to work. My best bud writing partner is KICKING MY CAN! Becka hit 18781 words and while it’s not really a race, I WANNA WIN!

Hugz and I’ll see you all again SOON!