Home Again

Posted on August 10, 2009


We had a wonderful family reunion. We do this every two years. My cousin Delores is the one who works so hard to plan and send out the information.

Since the last reunion, we’ve lost several family members. Being as they are distant cousins and I only see most of these people every two years and it is quite easy for me to get cousins mixed up.

After one of them passed two years ago, my father phoned to share the news. I thought how sad for his immediate family. How lucky I was to get to meet him if only for one day.

Friday night we were sitting in the restaurant–Country Time (Mt. View Ark) and as I was watching people walk in, my hands began to sweat and I had to look twice. Seems the cousin who passed away and the one I THOUGHT it was, were two different men. I was glad I didn’t say anything at the time. I’d have felt completely foolish.

Saturday we all met at JoJo’s Catfish Warf (also in Mt. View) for lunch. While we were gathered, a group of Harley enthusiasts came in and took the meeting room adjoining the room we were in. I made jokes with the family that I was going to go in, ask if I could take pictures of the bikers, and try to pass them off as my family relaxing.

The riders had their hogs all lined beautifully in front of the restaurant and I couldn’t resist. I had to ask if they would allow me to photograph the bikes–which they did. They were all so very sweet and kind to me. They were good natured and smiling. I took several snaps and then I screwed up the courage to ask if I could be photographed with one of the bikes. I received “yes–as long as you choose MINE” from many of them. One lady biker suggested I use hers as she had a Bride of Chucky on her bike.

Yep, I chose that one. As soon as I get my camera back (I stupidly forgot it in my mother’s van) I’ll post the picture on here.

The bikers were headed as a group to Mammoth Springs for an overnight campout. I asked if I could join and was invited along…I know my husband wouldn’t have appreciated it so I passed but offered them my hope they travelled safely.

After lunch we headed to the Lodge at the Ozark Folk Center where we sat, snacked, visited and I swam most of the day. I was able to spend time chatting with my cousin Marsha (I’ve never met her before). She has quite alot of Covey family history and I’m excited that she is planning on sending it to me. She has an ancient newspaper article about our GGGrandpa and his brother. They were soldiers in the Confederate Army and had been separated. Each fearing the other was dead. Many decades later there was a reunion in Little Rock that they both attended. Many tears were shared in that room when they discovered the other was actually still living. YES, I do plan to use this in a book someday!

We looked at other old pictures, read historical deeds, and shared stories about family. I thought they all knew about the motor cross race track dedicated to the honor of my cousin Tony Wynn in Little Rock Arkansas but most were pleasantly surprised to hear about it.

Then we parted and headed back to the farm so dad and grandpa could do a cattle check–I went along just for the fun of it.

Sunday we rose quite early to meet at the Iron Skillet (at the Ozark Folk Center) for our farewell breakfast. It was sad to say goodbye to them but I cannot wait until the next time around.

After a long and tiring drive I arrived to an empty house. My hubby and DD had gone out to pick up a few things from the store. While I was gone, I saw that the bedroom my husband had been remodeling was complete and out daughter had moved back in. It looks FABULOUS!

Before I left town I had been brainstorming a new book idea with my friend Becka. The new idea simmered and boiled the entire time I was gone. It has gelled into a cohesive and even (if I do say so myself) FANTASTIC idea. It’s going to be a historical setting, taking place in the Louisiana Bayou. I don’t have a blurb or anything written on it yet. I’ll share as it develops.

To all my Baker-Covey family I was able to see this past weekend it was GREAT seeing you all! To those who weren’t able to attend, I hope to see you next time!

Have to run!

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