How to fix a broken economy

Posted on August 3, 2009


This is such a simple fix–honest to goodness, EASY fix:

1) KEEP all jobs for AMERICAN citizens
2) FINE all corporations who “save money” by shipping their jobs over seas and to Mexico.
3) Send all illegals back to their port of origin and stop draining the AMERICAN public for the healtch care, education and housing of said illegals.
4) Cut the pay of these Billioinaire top execs. NO one is worth THAT much money, I don’t care who you are!
5) Cut this “scratching the back of buddies” that ALL of our recent government officials have going on.
6) Oust the current regime and bring in an actual American who is FOR AMERICA–there’s a novel concept huh? Give us a president who actually gives a damn about this country. Bush didn’t. Obama sure the hell doesn’t.

Do I sound bitter? Maybe because I am. I’m sick of the unemployment rising while the good ole boys just keep getting richer. My DH is still unemployed yet the execs at his former employer were reporting income AFTER TAXES of over a million dollars in just a few months! Why? Because they sent his job and those of thousands of others to India.

The oil companies who report after tax income of BILLIONS of dollars–yet they are allowed to charge extortive fees for a gallon of gas. It’s total crap.

I’m tired of tax paying American citizens footing the bill for illegal immigrants. There are AMERICANS who need medical/financial assistance and they CANT get it–why? Because the illegals are draining the system.

I have raised my children to believe this is the greatest country in the world–yet thanks to certain politicians and business execs America is rapidly declining into a third world poverty status. Don’t beleive me? Look at the growing number of homeless. Look at the level of unemployment.

Fat cats and government blood sucking leeches will soon feel the pinch. Before long they won’t have any one to feed off. I just pray the tide turns soon. It’s mighty damn tiring to swim with your chin above water in a hurricane.

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