Posted on July 16, 2009


I’m sitting at my desk when I get an email alert–someone has posted my name somewhere in cyberspace. As I always do, I scan the alert then follow the link. Well, this particular link held a brand new review for Betraying Chase. I about fell out of my chair! A rating of 5 books (the highest possible rating–WOOHOO!)

Here are a few snippets from this awesome review:

…When I read the story, I was blown off my feet!…Ms. Covey is the master of romantic suspense!…I cannot wait to read more from this author and it’s a book you must read!

Can you say MADE MY DAY?!?!?!?!? I’m stoked, completely. Especially the “master of romantic suspense” thing.

The review was done by Tulip and can be found here.

I was going to wash the truck today, clean out the inside and etc…however it seems Mom Nature may be taking care of it for me. Over cast and it feels like rain.

Gee, I almost reminded myself of an old man I knew as a kid. He always said he could feel rain coming in his bones–at one time I wondered how the rain could get in there…Now, I too can feel it coming. I received a head injury many years ago (I can hear a few people snickering and making comments–I know who you are and where you live…heeheh), since then I started getting terrible migraines. Now, I’ve come to realize that the headaches are severe about 12-24 hours before the rain comes.

My best friend and I laugh about it. She was in a car wreck (that’s NOT what we laugh about–she was on her way to MY wedding!) and broke several bones in her face. Now the arthur-itis has set in, she too gets advance warning of the rain/storms. You should have seen the two of us the last time we were in Arkansas. She was holding her face, I was holding my head, I swear we killed a bottle of Aleve between the two of us!

I was once told I had an amusing life, I should just write it down, so I did…I’m still waiting for the amusing part…

Have a great rest of the week, an awesome weekend and I’ll be back Monday, July 27th!



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