You know it’s going to be one of those days…

Posted on July 13, 2009


We’ve lived in this house for over 5 years. Our house is on a dead end street with a total of 9 houses. You’d think that would make for a nice, tight knit, neighborly sort of place…not so. We only know and talk to people who live in three of the houses.

 This morning I got to speak to another one—it was NOT a pleasant conversation. At 6:00 this morning I was rudely awakened by garbage—you know, the stuff that passes for music in kids’ ears now days. It sounded as if there was a huge party going on. I was so angry because I thought the noise was coming from my daughter’s room. I headed down to her sanctum only to learn it wasn’t her.

 So I took the dog out and was assaulted with this horrible sound. I traced it to a neighbor—who’s home is 2, count them 2 houses away from mine. Now, this noise had travelled across two back yards through closed windows, penetrating thick walls and over powering the sound of 2 bedroom fans!

 Was I pissed? Oh yeah! I walk up there thinking maybe a roof is being worked on and you know how those guys are. Oh no, it’s not roofers. It’s the neighbor and one of his buddies, dressed in swim trunks and messing around.

 Despite my ill humor I asked them politely to turn the music down. Sure, answers homeowner. He does…until I make it to my front porch when he cranks it back up. Fine, want to play that game? I pick up the phone and call the police department. 6 am is far too early to have music that loud—ANYTIME is the wrong time, but especially at 6 in the fricken’ AM!

 I went back to bed. Piling pillows over my head, trying to block out the noise. My husband, the band saw, begins to stir. I asked him how the heck he could sleep with all the noise. He reply? “What noise?” Now, I’m partially deaf and I heard it, how could Mr. Hears-a-pin-drop NOT hear it?

 He climbs out of bed, dresses and takes off for the morning. The noise is STILL driving me bonkers. I guess my first call to the police didn’t help. I was getting ready to call the Chief ( a friend of the family) and complain when the noise suddenly dies out. Good, they arrived. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Around 7:45 the noise was back—louder than before! I swear, you have no idea how close I was to grabbing a shot gun and using a certain person’s set of speakers for target practice!

 I finally manage to zonk out again until around 9. Now, it was after 9 am, when the music WOULDN’T have been such a nuisance, and there is no music…

 I don’t reckon this particular neighbor and I are ever going to speak and greet each other as friends—of course if he’s up this early and making that much racket, he’s not the type I’d care to associate with.

 What I really am curious about—how did his children, ages 16 and 12, manage to sleep with all the racket in the house. You know it had to be loud in there!

 I am dragging because of the interrupted sleep, I’m cranky—of course my DH says “As opposed to?” (Yeah, this is the man I’ve been married to and allowed to live for almost 22 years—LOL) I have a ton of stuff to get done because Alyx will be here around 4 pm, I have to finish my packing, do some major cleaning and make sure I’m all ready to leave at 6 on Saturday morning.

I best get to work! Hugz until next time!


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