Posted on July 9, 2009


I once read a book in which the hero had a foul mouthed parrot that would horrify the heroine by saying things like “lift up yer skirt” and “Kiss me arse!” Now I’m wanting to read this book again because of that darn animal but I can’t remeber the title of the book.

I’m not one who ever gets rid of their past reads so I have nearly six cases full of books. The only thing I know for certain is that this book has the parrot, a hero, a heroine and I’m pretty sure it’s a historical.

If ANYONE knows what book I’m talking about PLEASE tell me! It’s going to drive me crazy…ier until I figure out which book it is. If I was one of those better orfanized people I’d have the books stored by genre, alphabetically and I’d keep a computerized file of the characters. Then I could just reference my files…hmmm…Maybe if I can’t sleep again tonight I’ll start this project!

In the meantime… HELLLLPPPP!!!



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