Home Again

Posted on June 15, 2009


The weekend was pretty exciting. My mom, my best friend K and I headed for Arkansas on Friday morning. We were almost there when the storms kicked up. The rain was so heavy we couldn’t see around us. That lasted for nearly forty minutes then it cleared up. We grabbed our groceries then headed for the trailer to unload. After we pulled our stuff into the trailer we loaded up the van and met my dad and grandparents for dinner.

We stuffed ourselves full at Cody’s Catfish  in Fifty-Six Arkansas. The food and service was fabulous! After we all ate, we sat around visiting for a while then dad climbed into the van with us and drove us back to the trailer, dropped us off and left.

We sat back with our smokes and a movie. Around eleven it seemed like storms were heading back in so we grabbed a candle–“just to be safe” and  called it a night.

We’d only just fallen asleep before the lightening began dancing all over.  After one particularly nasty flash that was almost instant, I said, “That hit something back in Grandpa’s field.” 

We watched it strike all around us. The trailer shaking with every grumble of thunder. We barely slept at all Friday night.

We got up Saturday morning and took off on the ATVs. As we were scouting the fields I noticed the first buzzard. Before we could blink, there were six. I had a bad feeling. I said “let’s ride over and see for certain, but I think they’re over the cattle pasture.”

They were.

We rode up to the house to tell grandpa so tnhat he could go check it out. He said there was a brand new calf over there so maybe the buzzards were cleaning up the after birth.

K and I headed back out on our ride while he went to investigate. He caught up to us a short time later. The buzzards were not after the after birth…they were alerting to the FOUR dead cows.

Apparently the lightening strike we saw hit the poor things. Three yearlings and a large cow. They’re in such a spot we couldnt even get in to pull out the dead bodies. They have to be left to nature to clean up. The worse news possible. A huge loss of income!

K took her camera and headed up to check out the dead bodies. There was no sign of lighting on the trees around them. We’re still not sure how it happened. The cow had a single mark that almost looked like a small burn–was that how it got her? If so, how did it pass on to the other three?

Were they standing in pond run off water and the lightening hit that and zap them? Possibly…Dont think we’re ever going to know. It was interesting to note, however,  the cow hadnt been touched by the vultures. The three yearlings were missing eyes, and their fllesh had been torn open. The cow–who’s eyes were massively protruding–hadnt been touched. maybe she was fried? I know the buzzards eat only raw meat so…

Anyway, we went on about our riding adventures.  a beautiful fox darted right out in front of us. By the time we finished out our day, we were coated with bug spray, dirt and sweast. WE HAD A BLAST!!!

After our showers I read her a story I’ve been working on–a horror from my alter-ego. The beast in the book has blazing green eyes…After I finished reading to her it was after midnight so we shut off the lights. Funny enough hovering in the middle of the window was a single lightening bug–with a green light. It was great! Perfect timing! heeeheee! Had there been two of them hovering it would have looked like the creature was standing outside!

After battling headaches and blistering all day long I’d finally fallen asleep–for maybe an hour. The storms that hit were sudden and even worse than the ones we’d been through on Friday night! Hail, wind that sounded almost tornadic, lightening closer and stronger than before. It kept us up for the rest off the night.

Then we got up Sunday, packed and loaded up to return home.

I’m coated with raw skinned sunburn with several blisters on top. My throat is sore from being soaked on Friday. I’m tired from lack of sleep…it was a FABULOUS trip! A great pelude to the week long trip in July–only a couple of weeks actually!

Now, I have to get to all the emails I missed over the weekend.

See you all again soon!



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